NoahFinnce – Tour Tickets And VIP Upgrades 2023 FAQ

What do the VIP tickets come with?
They come with:
⁃ Early entry to the show (guarantees a good position in the crowd and first access to merch)
⁃ An exclusive merchandise package
⁃ A meet and greet with Noah
⁃ A group Q&A

Do VIP tickets come with a general admission ticket?
No, unless you’re getting VIP for Seattle (which comes with a general admission ticket), the VIP tickets are just an upgrade. You will need a general admission ticket to gain access to the venue.

Are there age restrictions for VIP tickets?
The VIP age restrictions are per that of the venue. All shows are all ages except New York which requires under 16’s to have a guardian present with a valid ticket.

What time does VIP start?
You will be emailed with all information you need the week of the show but usually it’s an hour before doors.

I already bought a regular ticket, how can I upgrade to VIP?
They are available at

Can I meet the other bands with a VIP ticket?
No, the VIP tickets are for a NOAHFINNCE VIP experience only.

Where will our VIP pictures be available?
They will all be available on Noah’s linktree in his bio. You can also take selfies if you’d like, just make sure to ask.

Can Noah sign something for me?
Yes, just ask.

Can I ask for a group picture with friends?
Yes, just ask.

Can I bring Noah a gift?
Yes, just make sure it’s not too big or difficult to transport.

Can I get a picture with Corry too?
Due to time restrictions this won’t be possible, Corry will be working. You might be able to catch him at the merch table after the shows depending on the day though!

I’m nervous about the VIP experience, any tips?
⁃ Prepare a question for the Q&A section so you don’t feel the need to make one up on the spot
⁃ Have everything you need prepared before your meet and greet with Noah to avoid any unneeded rushing. Want to take a polaroid? Have your camera ready. Want Noah to sign your flag? Have your flag out and ready.
⁃ Be on time to get the most out of the experience!

The VIP experience is done in a very casual, relaxed environment, there’s no pressure to ask questions if you don’t want to and there’s no pressure to take photos if you don’t want to.